16 comments on “Less than 24 hours now….

  1. Jeff – We can feel your Fierceness and Determination to kick some serious ‘butt’ all the way from here! Way to put Prince George on the Map.! On behalf of all your fans from officeland…YOU ROCK!

  2. All the best Jeff! Unbelieveable what you’re doing – run your guts out but be safe – that’s quite the terrain you’re covering.

  3. Jeff; Good luck on your journey this weekend. Reading what you are about to go through and looking at the picutres is truly inspirational. I look forward to hearing about your experience when you return.

  4. Jeff you never cease to amaze us – our thougts are with you as are our wishes for a most successful event.

  5. No amount of altitude gain, snow, sleet or anything else mother nature can throw at you will prevent you from kicking ass. Time for a real mountain man from nothern BC to show the Europeans how its done. Good luck.

  6. Very proud of you Jeff, still think you’re crazy, but very proud! Kick ass and take names, you are ready for this!

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