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12 days before the Dirty Duo, I took a bad fall and smacked my right foreleg. I had a 10 km limp out in the dark. My leg went a deep purple. I held my decision to race until pretty much the day before but with Aaron Bond running his first 50 and Reid Roberts in shape after hard winter snow running I would have been there as support or a runner.

The day before the race, I asked my boys how they thought it would go. Emmet’s positive comment was ‘ Try your best dad’. Wyatt told me ‘if you are not first you are last’. Liam said ‘Don’t be second  because that’s just the first looser’. I heeded Emmet’s advice, at least!

It was great to see Matt Cecill at the start. Matt ran the Dirty Duo in 2012. He’s a great runner and I followed his tremendous progress throughout the year. I knew he’d be very tough to beat.

The start



The race was great with good weather, dry conditions and a lot of technical North Vancouver single track. Matt and I stayed together for a full first lap and not far into the second one, I led him astray on a five minute detour off course. I doubled back to Matt where we found the course and stayed together for a while, catching up on the last year and talking about all things ultra.

Climbing back up to Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

Matt pulled away at the end of the climb on the second loop, I barely caught sight of him coming down Ned’s. He pulled ahead by six minutes finishing in a 3:50:28. He probably would have been sub 3:45 without our detour! I came in second with a 3:56:36. About a minute faster than last year. Not too bad for running a bit injured.

Reid Roberts came in with a smoking 4:18:57. His very hard work through the winter really paid off. Aaron Bond pulled an excellent 5:01:19 for a first 50 km on seven weeks of training. Gord Cross ran a great 25km coming off an injury.

Special thanks to Dave Parker for crewing for us on the race. I think I spilled some Gu Bru on him and he didn’t even say anything.