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I decided that I wanted a pulk to pull. Unfortunately, I did not have one so after some research on purchasing a pulk, I decided to make one.

I scoured the internet for the right sled to start from. There are few options and none Canadian, it seemed. Until I found one about 150 meters from my office at the Northern Hardware for 14.99 called the Pelican Mega Snowrunner. I’m certain it was built for running. I knew I would have to modify it, so I picked up two crazy karpets for 2.14 each.












A quick stop at Princess Auto for some aluminum and I was off to my brother Dustin’s ridiculously large shop to begin construction. I began by laying out my design.



I wanted to make it as light as possible, so in addition to the reduced weight of the aluminum, we drilled it out all the pieces to further reduce the pull of gravity.



Soon the custom harness connector was built….



…..custom bending and aluminum welding….


…riveting and cutting and it was almost done.



I weighed my creation. Just about 4 Lbs. Perfect!

it was time to hit the trails!

After 160 meters of breaking trail in about 6 inches of fresh powder, I thought how is this possible!


Two hours later, I had covered only 12 km’s. It goes a lot faster on a broke trail. I can’t wait until tomorrow!