All posts for the month June, 2012

Five of us left Otway at 7:00 am on Saturday morning. Geoff and Aaron had graciously planned to join us on the first 30 km through some hilly single track.

OK – so technically I was responsible for route finding but good conversation and excitement had our first diversion to the ditch on North Nechako road. The wrong ridge at the top of Pidherney, a new fence at the dump and we found Dick and Bob waiting for us. One more small course correction and back down Pidherney. Fresh bear tracks and other steaming sign led us across Foothills to the Hart Scales.

Things started to get interesting. Sherri, ready to tackle the 50 km,  was in need of a bit of the hair of the dog that bit her – not hot sun and pavement. Geoff and Aaron were in good spirits as I had been  slipping them double caffeinated gels all morning. They decided to tack on 8 more km to LC Gunn.

LC Gunn had Dick, Bob, Shar and Dennis with smiling faces. Geoff and Aaron decided to up the ante and tack on even more to make it a full on marathon so we hit the shade in the trees, ran the trail, crossed to the other bridge, through the graveyard and onto Cowart Road. With over a marathon down and enough to make a full ultra out of the extra  and the way home, Aaron and Geoff parted ways with us. I think that was double the longest distance Geoff had ever run. Gumption!

Twelve happy runners greeted us at Blue Spruce. Enthusiasm was high. We ran then sunny gravel until we hit the shade of the fir trees.  The company pulled us along to UNBC parking lot where the group  grew to 34 brave souls. There were many more waiting at Takla. It was hot, but the energy in the group was astounding.

Queensway Auto World had refreshments, cake and pizza at the finish. Dick was there blowing his horn! Family and  friends greeted all of us runners.

What a great day. Thank you to everyone for coming out and making this such an enjoyable time. Almost 1300 total kilometers run.

Thank you to Queensway Auto World for everything.

Photography by Bob Rutherford.