One comment on “2012 Winter Shoe Review

  1. So I have also been running in the SpeedCross 3, but without spikes. I only have about 150km in them including a 40k and 32k, mostly on snowy trails as Jeff describes. I normally wear a size 9 in the Cascadia 6, but went with a 9.5 in the SpeedCross since I had to order them from MEC ($119), and I thought the shoe ran a bit small. It does not in length, but a bit more narrow in the toe box compared to the Cascadia 6. I did not go with the Climashield version. The shoe is definitely a bit long, and I found my foot sliding around a bit on the 40k trail run resulting in a hotspot. This was only my second run in them, which did not help. I think a size 9 would have been fine. However, I then wore a very thin road sock, and a thicker trail sock over, and now the shoe fits like a glove and I have not had any issues.
    I find there is a lot of shoe to the SpeedCross. It sits up high with a big heel, however, I find them great for winter trails. I have run short section of road, and they are fine, but not a shoe of choice for hard packed or road running. On the winter trails, these shoes rock! The grip is awesome and the shoe is extremely comfortable for the long haul. I will continue to use this shoe for winter running, but will probably shelf them in the spring until next winter.
    Time will tell, but I think these shoes will be extremely durable. I blew out all my minimal shoes and eventually my Cascadia 6’s (after 1100km), through the mesh. Winter running keeps the shoe wet and the snow and ice wears on the sides as you sink through the snow, breaking down the mesh even faster. The SpeedCross is made up of a very tight weaved material and I expect it to be much more durable.

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