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The Prince George Greenway is a magnificent trail is an anchor trail in the community. It runs from Old Blue Spruce Campground near Art Naps on Hwy 16 west along the west side of Prince George past the University all the way to the Otway Ski Center on Otway Road.

Access: The trail can be accessed in several places

  1. Blue Spruce – The south side of the trail can be accessed via the old Blue Spruce Campground on highway 16 west. This is at the Art Knapps location across from Bon Voyage. The trail begins at the gate in front of the campground. It follows an old road for the first kilometer and is a popular area for dog walkers.
  2. Forest for the World  (UNBC) – a popular place to access the trail is via the Forest For the World parking lot near UNBC. This parking lot is located south-west of UNBC is accessed on the sharp corner off Tyner just past the main UNBC turnoff if heading south-west along Tyner. The main trail leaving the parking lot hits the Greenway trail several hundred meters in. The Greenway heads off to the south-west (left).
  3. Forest for the World (Kueng Road) – another popular way to access the Greenway is via the Forest for the World Parking Lot on Kueng Rd where people often access Shane Lake.
  4. Takla Road – The Greenway trail is bisected by Takla Road on the backside of Cranbrook Hill. To access the Greenway, drive about 1.75 km down Takla road to the visible gates.
  5. Otway Ski Center – There is public access at the Otway ski center on the Otway Road.

Trail length and Overview:

The overall trail length is 24 km from end to end with about 2100′ of total elevation gain. The south end is higher with a  new elevation loss of about 450′ against Otway.

The trail is well maintained, gradual in slope and runnable two or even three abreast. The trail can be a wet and muddy much of the year but there are bridges and paths around most really wet areas. Benches and even a picnic table are scattered along the path. The trail showcases the amazing diversity of the Prince George area. The west side (Blue Spruce trail) is relatively dry in the older Fir Forests. As it nears, connects and veers west from the UNBC Forest for the World area, it transitions to wetter terrain featuring birch and even cottonwood. This section follows a valley and waterway until it climbs out and into some pine forests. After it crossed Takla road, one enter the even wetter spruce forests. Devil’s Club is often visible. The trail descends into the well marked Otway Ski Area.

This trail is runable all year and is a very popular location for Prince George Runners. On summer weekends, it is common to encounter several groups. In the winter, these trails are groomed usually about once a week. The trail is very well marked and is maintained by the Cranbrook Hill Greenway Society.

This is a more remote trail for being so close to Prince George. Be prepared and inform others as to your plans. Cell coverage is spotty in the middle and north ends of the trail.


Blue Spruce to UNBC FFT – 6 kms

UNBC FFT to Otway – 18 kms

Gps track here